Unicode (inc. Japanese) in Python and TK

Garry Taylor gtaylor at lowebroadway.com
Fri Sep 27 07:34:37 EDT 2002

I'm just seeking a little reassurance regarding use of unicode in
Python, before I write my program, and then later find out I'm going
to have to re-write in Java or something. Basically, am I going to run
into any brick walls by doing the following:

1) Parsing XML with unicode characters.
2) Measuring unicode characters using TK
3) Printing unicode to a file

Really, I just want someone to pat me on the back any say 'everythings
going to be alright'. The reason I am sceptical is I have used Perl
for similar antics, and now now I wake up screaming, lying in a pool
of my own sweat.

Thanks, sorry if this is a FAQ


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