a python puzzle

Andy Salnikov a_salnikov at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 25 19:26:01 EDT 2002

"Gary Herron" <gherron at islandtraining.com> wrote in message
news:mailman.1032992492.8970.python-list at python.org...
> On Wednesday 25 September 2002 02:42 pm, Michal Wallace wrote:
> > Here's a python puzzle. Solve it and you win a prize. :)
> >
> I decrypted (building the strings up character by character) with:
>    tr hokdrawfezxmylqcubijHpvsIFgt importysngalejufzvchIwxbCSkd < puzzle
> and got:
> The fact that this puzzle was easy to decrypt says something (good)
> about Python: It is so readable, that even encrypted, one can
> recognize significant portions.  Imagine decrypting a similar puzzle
> in C or, worse yet, Perl!

  C'mon, "the fact that this puzzle was easy to decrypt says" that
"encription" was really trivial. Indeed the most "important" spaces,
and non-alpha characters were not encripted at all. With such
simple encription you'll be able as easily decrypt C and Perl (or
any English text of suffitient length)


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