parsing tabs in a string

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You might find it easier to split up the line first into a collection of
fields using the tab-delimiter, and then just access the collection
As an array :
import string
aString='abc \t def \t xyz  \t'
anArray = string.split ( aString , '\t')
anArray[0] now equals
'abc '
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I'm getting to know Python and have a quick question for something I
don't understand.
I'm trying to parse information extracted from a spreadsheet which is
tab separated. Here is a simplified version of what I have:
print y.find("\t")
print y.find("\t",1)
I thought the second .find should return the second occurence of "\t".
To get the index of the second tab I have to type:
print y.find("\t",13)
This doesn't make sense to me. Can someone help me please.
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