make informixdb1.3

cmkl cmkleffner at
Thu Sep 5 03:14:25 EDT 2002

"Farhad" <Farhad.Fouladi at> wrote in message news:<akv5ee$evv2 at>...
> Hi Stefan,
> thank you for your response. I start "make" in correct directory. The point
> is, there is no "_informixdb.c" file in downloaded files (from
> I suppose the make file should generate one but in my case it couldn't.
> Farhad

Hi there,

there should be which has to be prepprocessed by esql - a 
tool supplied with the informix sdk on your machine. 
Locate esql and your informix libraries. 
run:   esql -e -G  -thread  -libs  to get a list 
of the libraries and potientially object files which has to be linked 
to your _informixdb module. 
Be aware, that on some systems the informix sdk is supplied as 
32 bit and/or 64 bit version. 
Instead of using the Makefile I compiled informixdb manually (I didn't 
patched the makefile). I use a patch to to get rid of 
the most common pitfalls (DATE problem, ignore warnings instead treat 
them as errors).
Send me a private email in the case of interest.


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