ANN: NINZ 1.2.1

Gustavo Niemeyer niemeyer at
Thu Sep 12 12:59:27 EDT 2002

NINZ stands for NINZ Is Not ZSI. This name was used to leave it clear
that NINZ is a fork from ZSI. I have done this because I wanted a few
features in ZSI which were not available at the moment, and at the same
time, I don't wanted to distribute a hacked version of ZSI, since I
could cause harm to Rich Salz's work on ZSI. My plans are to keep in
sync with ZSI, always submitting what I change back to Rich, so he can
keep his great work, and use in ZSI any code he likes. I don't want to
takeover any credits of his work, and that's why I leave it clear here
that my changes are insignificant compared to the comprehensive work he
has done on ZSI. Indeed, my expectatives is that most of these features
will be included in ZSI itself someday, and NINZ will die.

More information about NINZ, including a comprehensive "NINZ vs. ZSI"
session at:

More information about ZSI at:

Gustavo Niemeyer

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