readlines() and "binary" files

Alex Martelli aleax at
Fri Sep 27 03:41:59 EDT 2002

Justin wrote:

>> Pity you ruled out defining your own iterator --
> I had ruled it out by laziness, but since you were kind enough to
> provide an implementation, I'll definitely use it! Thanks a lot,

You're welcome!  I'm lazy too -- that's why I like generators
so much... they do LAZY evaluation, after all:-).

> it works nicely. Gee I can't wait for that nutshell to crack !-}

Delay's not my fault _this_ time -- the complete, technically
reviewed and revised draft is now in the editor's hands -- she's
probably struggling to make my prose (a mix of verbose, enthusiastic
Mediterranean exhuberance [where I let myself go] and tight, precise, 
dry, maybe overly-technical conciseness [where I carefully revised
to minimize text down to the number of characters absolutely needed
to convey the essential information]) into a more reasonable,
Nutshell-style medietas (OK, so some of that _is_ my fault, I
guess, but there's nothing I can do about it right now...).


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