Bind threads to addresses -- Windows & urllib?

Guyon Morée gumuz at
Wed Sep 4 18:33:56 EDT 2002

i think you mean something like this:

import thread

def spiderStuff(Socket):
    # do the spider stuff here


thread.start_new_thread(SpiderStuff, (,newSocket))

"Nick Arnett" <narnett at> wrote in message
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> I can't see an obvious easy way to bind threads to IP addresses on a Win2K
> machine.  I have a multi-threaded Web spider, which uses urllib to
> pages, and would like to bind each thread to a different address on the
> machine, if possible.  Alternatively, I'd be willing to run separate
> processes to accomplish the same.  So far, my searches aren't coming up
> any solution... And it would be wonderful if such an approach were also
> portable to Linux...  Pointers?
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