regular expression for space seperated quoted string

Padraig Brady Padraig at
Wed Sep 11 07:04:15 EDT 2002

Hi, I'm trying to split a string that is seperated
by spaces and also contains double quoted words which
can contain spaces:

For e.g. using: re.split('[ ]*"?([^"]*)"?[ ]*', s1)
on this string: s1='1 "2" "thre e"'
gives:          ['', '1 ', '', '2', '', 'thre e', '']

Problem with this is the '' entries, but this isn't too bad.

However using the above re with: s2='1 2 "th ree"'
I get:                           ['', '1 2 ', '', 'th ree', '']

any ideas?


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