Embedding - Local dictionaries for local scripts

Chris Walsh chris.walsh at real-sense.com
Fri Sep 6 11:46:41 EDT 2002


I am embedding Python into a 3D renderer and for each "object" in the
environment, I want some local script which can get run.  Each object
will have it's own local variables which must persist between calls to
it's script there I believe I want to create a local dictionary for
each object which gets passed into the function:

    PyObject* PyRun_String(
        char *str,
        int start,
        PyObject *globals,
        PyObject *locals);

I have seen some stuff in comp.lang.python about creating a dict and
adding the __builtin__ module but I have been searching now for an
hour and cannot find it.

Can anyone point me to some code which creates this dictionary?

Kind Regards,

"God is Real, unless declared Integer"

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