Python expression (Re: Iraq's offer to readmit arms inspectors)

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Fri Sep 20 17:50:52 CEST 2002

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> Please remove (as I did) comp.lang.python from the list of newsgroups
> for this thread.  It is wildly off-topic here

comp.lang.python was added because the post contained a python expression

filter(lambda W : W not in 'ILLITERATE','BULLSHIT')

with the miraculous property of being runnable and producing the name
of the US president, Mr Bush, when executed; together with being readable
as a metaphor of human behavior illustrated by "Malev" - the person
that the post was responding to. Such dual interpretation of executable
code is witness that Python is closer to Prolog than you would think,
an interesting fact by itself for the python community.

> and should never have been added.

That's a dogmatic opinion that I believe lacking in justification.

if-Iraq-ends-up-Waco-like-what-will-mimic-Oklahoma-City-ly yours,

Boris Borcic
assert BOA not in BAOBAB, "Paradise Mismatch Error"

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