Michael Ströder michael at
Tue Sep 24 07:35:25 EDT 2002

Lutz Schroeer wrote:
> Michael Str?der <michael at> wrote:
> : Most users do *not* configure their browsers anyway. Therefore it's 
> : almost useless to use HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE or similar env vars.
> Well, at least you can try.

As you can see in PyWebLib I did. I'm also using it in web2ldap to 
determine the preferred language for HTML templates. Guess what? Most 
german users see the english HTML output...

> My solution to the orignal poster's problem
> would be to detect the browser's language configuration and additionally
> offer the possibility to change the language and store it in a (maybe
> persistent) cookie.

Note that someone suggested to use HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE for the orignal 
poster's problem to avoid session handling at all.

Ciao, Michael.

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