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> >I always found that inheritance of class attributes to instance
> >was really misleading, and I even think it would be better if it were
> >simply removed from Python. IMHO, it would far more conform to the
> >"explicit is better than implicit" rule that is one of the basis of
> If I think of it as "scope resolution" rather than "inheritance", I find
> that it makes more sense.  It works exactly the same way as hiding a
> global with a local.

Well, not quite exactly the same way. If a local hides a global then there's
no way to access the global without explicit use of a namespace.

A class variable is available by instance-qualified name up until the time
the instance variable with the same name is created, which is why statements

    self.var += 1

can be so confusing. Especially when you compare operations that give
different results for mutable and immutable objects.

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