How to call a procedure in exe file

Christopher Saunter christopher.saunter at
Mon Sep 23 12:46:17 EDT 2002

Terry Reedy (tjreedy at wrote:
: IF you can start download with keys instead of just mouse, and if
: program takes keypresses through generic standard input functions
: (like C getchar()) rather than specific getkey function, start it at
: the other end of a pipe.
: IF you can find (or write or modify open-source code to make) a
: mouse-click simulator program thats responds to dynamic input via
: stdin (rather than only responding to prewritten script read as
: startup), use that.

A rather neater and less trouble prone way of scripting things (when you
are reduced to sendkeys etc....) is Girder, and application designed to
interface IR remotes to PCs.  There is decent support for trapping and
replaying windows messages, and it can be commanded from network sockets
as well as IR etc.  So you can use it as a sort of network controlled
version of Win31's macro recorder (whatever happend to that?...)



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