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Sun Sep 15 10:04:39 EDT 2002

I suppose in some sense it would produce
some greater exposure for Python; esp. given
the larger marketing exposure provided by
O'Reilly than would be possible for a
largely volunteer organization that had seemed
to be the direction for Python 11. One hopes that
Python11 won't be lost in the much larger OSCON..

Jeff Sasmor
jeff at
"Martin v. Loewis" <martin at> wrote in message
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> "Jeff Sasmor" <jeff at> writes:
> > Is there any definitive information on the next Python conference,
> > Python 11?  I've read the conferences-discuss archive on
> > (
> > and the discussion seems to be tapering off.  IIRC, by last year
> > at this time there was already a call for papers.
> Python11 will be colocated with the O'Reilly Open Source Convention
> (OSCON), which will take place July 7-11, 2003 in Portland, USA.
> I believe O'Reilly will organize the specific schedule, including
> setting dates for the call for papers, submission deadlines, etc.
> Given that this is still ten months away, I don't see any urgency.
> HTH,
> Martin

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