revenge of the python puzzle

Michal Wallace sabren at
Thu Sep 26 06:50:53 CEST 2002

Okay, so you guys think you're so smart. Try this one!  No
contest this time, I've learned my lesson.  (I suppose if
someone really wants some free hosting bad enough to solve
this puzzle, you could talk me into it, but I'm just posting
this for revenge... Um, I mean "fun".)

If you decode it, see if you can guess what it does before
you run it. Please don't spoil the output for anyone else
who might want to try it... Hint: the earlier thread might
have a clue. :)

wbjig_ucpxmy, kxzp_xzli_h_fmyi \
"zkvjg wmfi hs sm ajwx vjy"
hv 'h za sazbp': 'hp djsp ahqxp bjy'
"hp's sm ajwx kmbsi pxzy 'xiggm kmbgf'"
"kxc, pxisi yitp ghyis zgamsp gmmo ghoi uibg!"

ezf="'iyhpgzlm bjmc oyhbf'=qsa;qsa gzemgqtqsa pyhbu";
iaupc="";qgmezg izwxmyi;ilhg=[];

'ejp z siwbip xibi hs hy cmjb bizwx'
zuugis=mbzyqis, "izwxmyi=izwx"
fiv fm(pzso="fm kxzp h zso"):
     qgmezg izwxmyi; itiw pzso
"zyf djsp hy wzsi cmj'bi ymp uibugitif,"
kmbsi,ymk = (ezf.sughp('t'),"!")
vmb izwx hy kmbsi:
    itiw zuugis[1]
    hv izwx hy kmbsi:

kmbsi = ilhg; "ilhg".sughp().bilibsi()
[izwx.bilibsi() vmb izwx hy kmbsi]
"zyf ymk ki'li bizwxif pxi vhyzg libsi";
azu(fm, azu(iaupc.dmhy, kmbsi))


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