Fast-track to installing/implementing a SWIP module?

Robert Oschler Oschler at
Sat Sep 28 22:13:00 EDT 2002

I am a Python newbie so bear with me here.  I just downloaded the PyProlog
package, which allows Python to access SWI-Prolog through a C-code SWIP
module.  I just need the basics such as, proper directory to install files
and instructions for making sure the SWIP module can find SWI-Prolog, and
for making sure the package will run properly in Python. Is there a URL or
doc that can get me started?  I would assume that I have to compile the 'C'
source for the SWIP module, and the resultant object file (.so?) in a proper
directory?  These the kinds of questions I need to get answered.  I read the
3 README's in the PyProlog package but nothing seemed to suffice.


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