Creating a typelibrary for calling Python COM server from c#

Dave Gustafson DGustafson at
Thu Sep 19 18:19:23 EDT 2002

After trying to figure this out, I'm starting to feel either really stupid,
or lazy, or just burned out...
Does anybody out there have any working examples of how to do this?


"Syver Enstad" <syver-en+usenet at> wrote in message
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> "Dave Gustafson" <DGustafson at> writes:
> > There was a thread recently that suggested creating a typelibrary in
> > order
> >
> > to access a Python based COM server from C# (or .NET).  Can anyone
> > please
> >
> > suggest an easy way to create such a library???
> Create an .idl file. MSDN has resources for the syntax of this file.
> Run the midl compiler on the .idl file (midl.exe), this will generate
> a typelibrary (.tlb) file and c source and header files.
> If you don't have Visual Studio, I believe that you can get the midl
> compiler by downloading the Microsft Platform SDK (also on msdn).
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