[ANN] 'hb' 1.88 Budget Management/Python Tutorial Released

Tim Daneliuk tundra at tundraware.com
Wed Sep 4 20:00:07 EDT 2002

'hb' 1.88 Budget Management/Python Tutorial is released at:


'hb' is a modest Budget Management system written in Python.  It is
appropriate for home budget management and small business budgets.

'hb' is primarily intended to be a helpful tutorial for people
learning Python by examining a complete program.  The program
illustrates interaction with the user, printing on a line printer,
disk I/O, and uses all the major Python data structures and many of
the language idioms.  It comes with extensive documentation and the
code is heavily commented.

The FreeBSD port has also been submitted.

Tim Daneliuk
tundra at tundraware.com

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