Graph Layout Algorithms

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Tue Sep 10 14:55:18 EDT 2002

"Mike C. Fletcher" <mcfletch at> wrote in message
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> Boa Constructor has some code in their UML view that I contributed to do
> this using topological sorts.  The topological sorting algos (one by me,
> one by Tim) are available seperately here (as
> if you don't want the GPL contamination of using Boa's copy.
> Basically, you do the topo-sort, then lay out each generation
> above/below next/previous generations.  For really nice-looking graphs,
> you'd want to do some post-processing to make children show up
> underneath parents as much as possible (i.e. minimise number of crossing
> arcs in the graph), and maybe do some work with spacing so that each
> generation takes up approx. the same amount of space.
> HTH,
> Mike

Given me something to think about.  Cheers Mike.


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