[Mac] Editor on Macintosh?

Paul-Michael Agapow news at agapow.net
Sat Sep 28 07:19:56 EDT 2002

Sadly, it seems like the excellent editor Pepper is going away. (See
<http://www.hekkelman.com>.) I found it the best editor for Python on
the Macintosh, having never been really happy with the alternatives. 

So what are other MacPython using? There are some Java-based editors,
but I'm not persuaded that that they'll perform adequately. There's are
numerous X11 based options, but who wants to swap into X everytime they
need to edit a file? The once excellent editor Alpha seems to have
disappeared permanently into testing for its next release.

Ideas? Anyone? Bueller?

Paul-Michael Agapow (news at agapow.net)

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