Nokia 3310 SMS Application, done:connecting to serial port(linux/win), done:reading some hex like \x00 . . ., problem:write/send command! noresponse

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Tue Sep 24 15:03:18 EDT 2002

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> I wanted to create an SMS application using Nokia 3310 with
> DAU-9P(data cable), I am now able to get some data from the cell
> phone. I'm using Pyserial and Siomodule. I use pyserial in my linux
> system. Out of curiosity I've even tested the pyserial on my mouse to
> prove that I'm really reading data from the external device connected
> on my com2 or /dev/ttyS1 on linux. From this you would perhaps believe
> that I've done the first phase of my plan.
> When I connect to the port for the first time I get the
> output like this \x00\x0c I think. But that's two response is what I
> get on my first connect. After that when I envoke again, I 
> get nothing.

had those too, that comes from the port opening

> The problem is, this still gives no response, when I type
> ser.write('ATCGMI') or any other command, I get no response. Please
> correct me if I'm wrong for using the Nokia At command on 3310, I
> doubt that this At command applies only to some device of nokia
> products like 6110 series, 71.. etc.

1st of all, i don't think that your phone understand AT commands at all...
my 3210 doesn't. instead there are two other protocolls: fbus and mbus

both protocols are binary. and to be able to talk to the phone i had to set 
RTS to low! complely counter intuitive...

i have played around with fbus. i can send the sources to anyone 
interested. i was able to read out the phone book and encoded (7bit 
compressed or so) SMS, but it was some months ago. the sources are not 
cleaned up but the low level part is usable.

> I also tried writing to Mr. Frank Stajano, but it's already 2 weeks
> and still I get no response. Perhaps his busy or doesn't want to talk
> about this matter. Frank Stajano had already created an application
> like this for his research and I think he even asks for help in this
> group. His output an SMS python scripts is also not available.

i'd be interested too, if you hear something.

> The Thing that I really want to know is what kind of command will I
> use to get some response from the nokia 3310? Is it also a hex
> commands in which I will envoke \x00,.. etc commands. Or is it a flat
> ASCII file also. I hope you could share some idea which regards to
> this. Any idea regarding this would be of great help to me, I hope you
> could give me one. Thanks

search for gnokii and you can have my sources for a start. the protocols 
are not published, but the people at that project did some reverse 

sorry for the late response, but i completely missed that thread, just saw 
it in the weekly summary.


Chris <cliechti at>

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