Returning lists from python COM servers

Olly Smith oliver.smith at
Mon Sep 9 07:40:12 EDT 2002

"Mark Hammond" <mhammond at> wrote in message
news:qFce9.1228$_l1.2030 at
> Olly Smith wrote:
> > uhmmmmm, strangely enough, changing it to
> >
> > ==
> > return [tags,vals]
> > ==
> >
> > on the server side fixed it!
> >
> > Now the question is: WHY!?
> 'cos some of the pythoncom code sucks.  Returning a tuple can trick the
> framework into thinking you are actually trying to return the *real*
> values, as well as the underlying CSCODE in the COM call.  Returning a
> list fixes this.  I need to look into this a little deeper, but fear b/w
> compatibility will screw me.

OK :)

I'll remember to only chuck lists across the COM boundary.  Just out of
interest, are there any other distributed object architectures that are
better supported by Python? (corba, soap, ......)



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