lost in Python / Tkinter

Henry Baumgartl h.baumgartl at chello.NOSPAM.nl
Thu Sep 26 17:51:06 EDT 2002

Hello all,

Still trying hard to get to grips with OO concepts in Python2.2.1

i'm testing my efforts on an application with ui's in Tkinter
the idea is to have an application module from where subsequent modules are
de- and activated.

getting the root window, container module (application menu's etc.), and the
first selection module to work is no problem. (Each module is basically a
class based on Frame)

the problem starts when the selection ends and i need to get back to the
container instance to build, for instance, a text editor based on the
selection made.

the selection instance i am in doesn't know root or the container instance,
so i can't get the new module build in the container frame.

Strangely enough, when i use

import from module Class

the frame and everything in it is built without complaints underneath the
container frame in the root window.

Could anyone please point me in the right direction to deal with my problem.

Best regards,

Please remove NOSPAM. from my address when answering directly to me.

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