Python GUI app to impress the boss?

Phil Thompson phil at
Tue Sep 17 18:03:48 EDT 2002

On Tuesday 17 September 2002 10:05 pm, Lee Gray wrote:
> I'm a fairly new programmer with experience in ASP/VBScript/DHTML.
> Other than small utilities, so far I've mostly written ASP apps to
> talk to an Oracle database on HP/UX, with Windows NT/2000 clients, and
> I've done maintenance work on VB and Oracle Forms apps.
> We're currently looking at .Net, and I'm not very impressed, for a
> variety of reasons. A little research makes me feel that either Java
> or Python would be a good alternative, and given my level of
> experience, I'd much prefer Python over Java.  I *think* I could
> actually get up to speed faster with Python than with VB and ASP.Net,
> in spite of my ASP/VBS experience.
> My boss is pretty open-minded, but also needs to see something working
> to be convinced Python is even a viable platform (he had never heard
> of it).  Otherwise, .Net is a given, whether it's any good or not,
> since corporate is MS all the way.
> Can someone point me to a good Python GUI app to demonstrate (other
> than IDLE)?
> It may very well be that .Net is best for me/us, but from what I've
> seen of Python, I *really* like the language and I'd at least like to
> see a good demonstration of a full-blown app before ruling it out.
> (Something along the lines of what I mentioned above would be ideal,
> but not a necessity.)

For SQL based applications PyQt contains a set of data aware widgets. PyQt 
includes an example SQL browser, query, reporter in 180 lines of Python.


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