How to access XML passed from an XForm

Jeremy Rew huxley1 at
Fri Sep 20 03:18:32 EDT 2002

I dont know if this has been answered before now, but I couldnt find it 
after a fair bit of searching. (is there any way of running a search on the 

I have an XForm that passes a serialised XML document to a URI ( a python 
script). Im not exactly sure of the internal representation of what it 
sends, but I am having trouble just finding out how to access the XML from 
within the python script.  I just need to know if theres a way to store the 
XML in a string or find out where I can access it from, as I already know 
how to process/manipulate the XML once I can get at it. Any ideas (Im 
rather new to python)?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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