COM/Active X newbie question

Gabe Gittings ggittings at
Mon Sep 9 20:42:17 CEST 2002

> If it is a true OCX, then it probably needs to be hosted in a GUI 
> environment, such as pythonwin.  See pywin\demos\ocx for examples.
> If you can find any VBScript or JScript code that works with the object, 
> it should be usable the way you are trying.  If the only examples you 
> can find are hosted inside a form in a full-blown VB sample, then the 
> Pythonwin thang should work.

Thanks Mark first off your book is very helpful though it would be
nice if this was covered in the next edition ;). It is a true OCX
which seems odd to me because there is no visual UI pieces to the OCX
it is mostly events and getters. Anyway one last question. How to I
capture the events that it generates. In VB it is ridiculously easy
but I am not sure at all how to do it in python.

Thanks again for the help

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