Pmw.ScrolledText programatically scrolling

Joe Connellan joec at
Fri Sep 13 14:04:30 CEST 2002

I've got a Pmw.ScrolledText() that I'm using as a log and I've written
an addToLog() method like so:

 def addToLog(self, logString):
  self.logScr.configure(text_state = 'normal')
  self.logScr.insert(END, logString)
  self.logScr.configure(text_state = 'disabled')

I now want it to scroll when I add a line so the user doesn't have to
constantly scroll down to view the most recent lines.

I can't find any info on doing this with ScrolledText or its text
component - do I need to reposition the scrollbars for it to scroll?



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