question about dictionary type..

Frank Buss fb at
Sat Sep 14 17:30:56 EDT 2002

eugene kim <eugene1977 at> wrote:

> thank you.. i just checked replies..
> i haven't tried them..
> this is what i came up with..
> (making needed tables first.. as carl and padraig said)
> i'm having one problem(described below)

Your code doesn't look very Python-like, but I'm no expert :-)

Do you know regular expressions? If you use my add-function, you can write 
the following:

from string import upper
from sys import stdin
import re

def add(tree, path, value):
  for key in path[:-1]:
    if start.has_key(key):
      start = start[key]
      start[key] = start = {}
  start[path[-1]] = value

records = re.compile('\((.*?)\)', re.DOTALL).findall(
for record in records:
  fields = map(lambda w: upper(w), re.findall("'(.*)'", record))
  add(tree, (fields[0],fields[2],fields[3]),0)
  add(tree, (fields[1],fields[2],fields[3]),0)

print tree

With your testdata the output will be:

{'BAYLOR': {'FOOTBALL': {'M': 0, 'F': 0}}, 'CALIFORNIA': {'FOOTBALL': 
{'M': 0}}, 'NEW MEXICO': {'FOOTBALL': {'M': 0}}, 'SAMFORD': {'FOOTBALL': 
{'F': 0}}}

Frank Buß, fb at,

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