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Christian Tismer tismer at
Sat Apr 5 17:59:03 CEST 2003

srijit at wrote:
> I am interested to try Stackless Python. I have downloaded 
> How do I install this zip file? I already have standard python 2.2.2 installed.

You either install python22.dll in a local folder. When you start
Python from there, it will be stackless.
If you want to install it permanently, rename the dll in
windows/system32 and copy the new dll there.

In the version you have, there is a stacklessmodule.pyd which
should be in the local folder or be copied into /python22/DLLs.
This is temporary, the new version which I'm about to upload
tomorrow does not have that external file, since it is all moced into
the core dll, for simplicity.

> I also do not see any documentation like tutorials,
> example programs, demos etc.

There are a few test programs, if you download the CVS tree.
There is no public release, yet, this is still pre-alpha
You can get all internal documentation by
 >>> help(stackless)

> Is it 100% compatible with standrad Python 2.2.2?

Yes, it should be. If not, let me know.

ciao - chris
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