Raising objects

Carlos P. cpitaar at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Apr 30 14:23:27 CEST 2003

> restriction will be removed -- in particular, because I do not know
> of "use cases" where the ability to raise new-style classes or instances
> thereof would be a major boon to an application.  Maybe you have some...?

In fact, I have no one. I've just written a nice metaclass Metaclass
which automatically generates instance/static properties/methods from
getters/setter/methods according to naming conventions, and naive
stuff like that. I intended to use class Object (a new style class
with metaclass Metaclass) as a base class for my application. The
point of using it with exceptions is only to be consistent and, before
your answer, it was natural to try to derive an exception from
ObjectException (a subclass of Exception and Object). Nothing sooo
important, just would be nice if possible.
Thank you.

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