How many of you are Extreme Programmers?

Christopher Blunck blunck at
Wed Apr 16 16:54:06 CEST 2003

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 09:36:14AM -0500, sismex01 at wrote:
> Many of us have used XP techniques without actually knowing
> that our methodology was labelled as "XP", it comes natural
> in the scope of our tools and goals.

Absolutely!  Which is why I believe that many of us in the Python
community follow many of the principals of "XP" without knowing it.

> I don't know; "OOP", "XP", "Structured Programming", etc.. are
> all monickers, buzzwords, fads, which come and go; they come
> into existance when some mass-market-oriented technical book
> writer says "Hey, this programmer is successful, let's see
> what he's doing"; once done, the writer creates some catchy
> name for this guy's techniques, and sells his book.
> I really dislike market speak, as you can tell. :-)

Me too.  What's discouraging is that it often takes books, buzzwords,
and fads to get the attention of higher-ups.  Developing software
is not all that difficult - it's always so confusing why people make
software development more complex than it actually is.


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