Could Emacs be rewritten in Python?

Patrick K. O'Brien pobrien at
Mon Apr 7 16:14:35 CEST 2003

"Neil Hodgson" <nhodgson at> writes:

> Paul Rubin:
> > I think you're going to need some C extensions to represent buffers
> > similar to how Emacs does it.  It's hard to move blocks of characters
> > around in Python with the array module without constantly re-allocating
> > the arrays.
>    The only addition to array that is really needed to provide all the
> building blocks used in Scintilla is a method for moving blocks around in an
> array. Others that would be nice to have but are not as important are fast
> ways to add space to the end of an array and to copy between arrays.
> However, the real time sink in a GUI editor is most commonly in measuring
> and drawing the text, not in the speed of the underlying text storage data
> structures.

And I'm more than happy to delegate all the display issues to
Scintilla.  ;-)

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