Macros in Python? (PEP 310)

Dominic oblivious at
Sun Apr 13 09:05:41 CEST 2003

> Not sure what "generator hack" you're considering.
 From Beni (a previous posting):

 >>To complete the list of solutions, there is an evil way to abstract
 >>try..finally that is not recommended due to it's unreadability to
 >>anybody that doesn't know the trick.  It also only works in CPython
 >>with reference counting that invokes __del__ immediately.

 >>The basic idea was to use a for loop and a generator:

 >>def with_root_privs():
 >>    oldid = geteuid()
 >>    seteuid(0)
 >>    yield None # dummy
 >>    seteuid(oldid)

 >>for _ in with_root_privs:  # `_` is dummy
 >>    # Dohere whatever you wanted.  The generator will cause this to be
 >>    # executed exactly once, with pre- and post- code excuted...

^^^^^^^^ The code needs not to be written into a function,
that's what I tried to say with "separate".

 >>The problem, of course is that the for loop's body can raise an
 >>exception, or exit the loop in other evil ways.  Luckily in CPython,
 >>exiting the loop immediately drops the only reference to the
 >>generator, so hooking it's __del__ would do the trick.  Writing it as
 >>an iterator class instead of a generator would be be ugly but we can
 >>only do it once, by a universal wrapper taking a naive generator and
 >>returning a safe one.  Google for "abstracting try..finally with
 >>generators" in if you are interested.  Again, it's hard to
 >>recommend this hack.  Instead, consider pushing PEP 310 .

Thank you very much for your detailed answers Alex :-)


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