OT: Python application deployment?

Nagy László Zsolt nagylzs at freemail.hu
Fri Apr 11 14:24:33 CEST 2003

>other things -- so it isn't a real program'. Now I'm looking for a free 
>install-shield like software.
Try NSIS (installer of winamp, made by NullSoft). It is free, makes a 
compact installer and it has support for displaying eulas (and many more).

I met some people in the US who saw my perfect NSIS installer and payed 
me to write a much bigger, much slower, much worse setup with 
InstallShield for the same program. Crazy people. They will never be 
satisfied with a good program. They have false dreams and they want to 
see them in real. :-(

Laci 1.0

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