Datagrid-Widget for Python?

Rainer Klueting rainer.klueting at
Tue Apr 8 14:12:39 CEST 2003

Hi Alan,

On 8 Apr 2003 04:23:24 -0700, alan_salmoni at (Alan James
Salmoni) wrote:

>As Tim said, wxPython has an excellent wxGrid widget capable of doing
>what you want (see for some
>examples), but I also understand that there is a similar kind of thing
>which can be used with the Tkinter toolkit known as the tkTable. I
>haven't used it myself and therefore cannot comment on it, but there
>is a spreadsheet written in it called Novagrid which you might like to
>Hope this helps!

There is a folder on my hard disc called "download", and in there is a
file named novagrid-1.0.tgz.gz. ;-) I downloaded it about a week ago
but didn't try it.

On my lengthy search for Python stuff I had already found some
information on tkTable. May be I misunderstood something --I dropped
that, because I thought, tkTable is written in TCL, and there is no

Okay, I will find out: I only have to install novagrid!

Thank you

Rainer Klueting, Stuttgart, Germany

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