Problem with IDLE

Frantisek Fuka fuka at
Thu Apr 24 11:35:41 CEST 2003

I tried using BaseHTTPServer in my application which I develop using 
IDLE on Windows 98 SE. The problem is  that while the app is running, 
the server log is going to stdout but IDLE is not displaying it! In 
fact, IDLE looks totally dead, not even allowing me to switch to its 
window and issue "Ctrl C" to stop my app. Only when my app stops or 
crashes, all the stdout output appears in IDLE window and I regain 
control. Does this mean I cannot debug this sort of app using IDLE? Or 
am I supposed to add something to the main application loop 
(serve_forever()) so that IDLE "has time" to update and check for Ctrl C?

In the end, I debugged the app by editing in IDLE and running it from 
Cygwin Python opened in another window. :)

By the way, the app (my first) can be used to get URL addresses of 
QuickTime movie files at - useful if you have 
slow connection and have to use downloader programs to get the files 
(because they normally doesn't allow Resume). You can get it from

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