[Survey] Yet Another Open Source RSS News Reader?

Jason Brome jason at xxspamxx.methodize.org
Sun Apr 6 01:57:15 CEST 2003


Just wanted to clear up a couple of points -

> 3.  nntp/rss (http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/nntprss).  An
> interesting approach that parses RSS feeds and makes them available to any
> NNTP (Usenet) news reader application.  Uses Mark Pilgrim's Ultra-liberal
> RSS Parser.

While inspired by Mark Pilgrim's discussions, nntp//rss's parse-at-all cost
implementation is quite different to Mark's Python parser.

> Does not seem to support syndication lists.

As of version 0.3, nntp//rss supports the import of OPML-based subscription
lists.  Future releases will have additional subscription list features,
along with tighter integration with public RSS feed directories.

Good luck with your project - at the end of the day, the more choice a user
has, the better.  I've spoken to a number of people about their requirements
for a newsreader / aggregator, and their requirements do vary quite
considerably.  As you point out, it's certainly not a one-fits-all scenario.
One point I would make - if you can, make sure you support If-Modified-Since
/ ETag within your HTTP client.  As these applications become more popular,
we, as developers, should ensure that we build products that make
considerate use of RSS publishers' bandwidth.



Jason Brome
nntp//rss Project
jason at methodize.org

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