Import 'filename'? (was Re: Cross-reference 'import' in a classhierarchy)

Chris Reedy creedy at
Wed Apr 9 16:05:28 CEST 2003

Greg Ewing (using wrote:
> Chris Reedy wrote:
>> I had to think about this one for a while. Here's the issue I see:
>> What exactly does import '../foo/' actual do?
> You're being distracted by a red herring, I think. What
> I took the original post to mean was doing the equivalent
> thing in the Python module namespace, not the file
> system namespace.

You may be right. Thinking about this in the module namespace makes this 
seem better.

> Some suitable syntax would need to be devised,
> perhaps
>   import
> although I'm not sure how you would refer to the
> imported module after that... maybe an "as" clause
> should be mandatory in this case?

There was a suggestion made in an old e-mail for something like __root__ 
or maybe __parent__ meaning the parent module of this one. So you would 
say something like:


I think that would have to be backed up by globals, something like 
__root__ or __parent__ referring to the parent of this module and maybe 
__self__ (or __this__ or __module__ or ...) which would refer to the 
current module. This would allow you do to things like:


Otherwise, I think you're right, an "as" clause would be mandatory.

> If you want to work in the file system namespace, you
> can already do that:
>   ook = __import__("../foo/")
>> Based on some reading in the email archives, there is clearly a desire 
>> (maybe a mandate by the BDFL) that some sort of correspondence be 
>> guaranteed to exist between the above four definitions (especially 1, 
>> 2, and 3).
> I sometimes wonder whether the Python module namespace and
> the file system should be one and the same thing. I certainly
> believe that PYTHONPATH is a mistake -- the environment required
> for a program to function correctly is a property of the program
> itself, not of the user's personal settings.

I don't like the idea of working in the file system namespace. I 
observed a whole discussion on the GCC mailing list of when (in an os 
independent fashion) two files are "the same". I remember a discussion 
of looking at things like inodes. I don't remember any resolution. I 
don't find myself that unhappy with PYTHONPATH.

> Something better is needed, I'm just not sure exactly what
> yet.


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