PythonCard vs. Boa Constructor (was Re: Python for VB6 programmers)

Alex Martelli aleax at
Thu Apr 17 12:39:53 CEST 2003

Aahz wrote:

> In article <6e07b825.0304162200.34884d36 at>,
> yaipa h. <yaipa at> wrote:
>>Here in the SF Bay Area I have only met one VB programmer willing to say
>>that he uses The other VB programmers I find are talking about
>>either sticking with VB6 (most), taking Java courses (some) or playing
>>around with the C# idea (few).  Most share my feelings about the .net
>>thing. That it will not be stable until release +3.x and there are
>>little to no existing libraries. You know, batteries. ;-) So yes there
>>is a window and it is wide open.
>>With that said, without a slick, stable GUI builder with all the
>>look and feel of the VB GUI builder it's a long way from here
>>to there. I mean what do you expect them to do, pass in command-line
>>arguments or hand assemble TK widgets. :^)
> Good point.  Anyone here willing to take a whack at claiming that
> PythonCard, Boa Constructor, or something else would the best path for a
> VB6 programmer?

Personally I would suggest BlackAdder -- it's a commercial product,
but not too costly, and while still Beta it's IMHO more stable than
Boa (haven't tried PythonCard, natch).  The look and feel of each
of these IDE's is obviously hugely different from that of VB, though.

Not sure if ActiveState's "Visual Python" add-on for Microsoft Visual
Studio .NET can provide sufficient functionality, as I haven't tried
it yet -- at least the MS look and feel should be there, though,
since it DOES work on top of MS's IDE...!-)


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