What did happen to PyXPCOM?

Alessandro Bottoni alessandro.bottoni at infinito.it
Sun Apr 6 12:03:28 CEST 2003

I recently visited the ASPN page devoted to PyXPCOM and discovered that the 
PyXPCOM tar.gz/zip files are not on the web site any more. The most obvious 
explanation is that PyXPCOM is now hosted by the cvs of Mozilla, as promised. 


- Which releases of Mozilla contain PyXPCOM? Which was the first release of 
Mozilla that included PyXPCOM? Do _all_ currently available versions of 
Mozilla include it or just the "main" 1.0.X trunk?

- PyXPCOM is available in Mozilla _binary_ distributions or I have to downoald 
a source distribution and recompile it with some specific switch turned on 
(something like "--with-pyxpcom")?

Many thanks in advance for your attention.
Alessandro Bottoni

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