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Thu Apr 10 19:10:20 CEST 2003

viszneki at <viszneki at> wrote:
> Thanks for playing Duncan. You know I was in good spirits and happy to 
> contribute something until you and ol Stevey Holden decided to lecture me on 
> Internet Etiquette, and tell me how much of a jerk I was to not have time to 
> sign up for every mailing list I'd like to contribute something to. Gee I'm 
> such a jerk.

Steve (NOT Stevey) Holden was right, you know. Not that you are a jerk
-- he never said that -- but that it's good etiquette to ask for
*public* responses to your question, not private ones. See

and read the section entitled "Don't ask people to reply by private
email" for more details. Summary: Other people might benefit from the
answer to your question, so it should be answered on the mailing list.
It's rude to deny others the benefit of seeing those answers just for
your personal convenience.

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