Python & Music: Performance question

David Asorey Álvarez forodejazz at
Tue Apr 8 09:49:15 CEST 2003

achrist at wrote in message news:<3E91C3D9.E274C521 at>...
> Is there anything in Python like the Midi support in the java
> sdk?  (under MS Windows) It's pretty easy in java to send midi data 
> straight from the program to the midi sequencer or synthesizer
> (no need to write a file or deal with some external player).   
> Anything like that for Python?
> Al

  I've been looking for this, and I've found Solfege
(, an excellent eartraining software
written in Python.
  Solfege can "talk" with the sound card. It uses two modules,
winmidi.pyd in the win32 version and in the
linux version. There are some "pure python" code wrapping this
modules. I asked the author, Tom Cato Amundsen, some details and he
answered me fastly and kindly, giving me some useful advices. You can
ask him for the details and study solfege's source code.
  I've developed an small tuner (is only an _experiment_, with dirty
code and dirty design) using the Solfege's libraries
--sorry, the web page is in Spanish). Maybe you would like see the
  It would be very nice some standard midi module, but at this time,
there isn't anything like this. Actually, we need write a MIDI file
and use some external player.


P.S.: Again, excuse my poor English ;-)

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