Some newbie questions the FAQs didn't answer!

haughki hawkeye.parker at
Thu Apr 3 02:16:55 CEST 2003

stigwood4 at (Jason C.) wrote in message news:<6ffd97db.0304021132.62f86c7b at>...
> I was thinking about taking Python up this summer.  I was initially
> drawn towards it because I had heard how easy it was to program GUIs
> using the various packages.  But then I read that in order to run a
> python program, the machine had to have the python VM installed, and
> the user had to go to a command line and type "python <program
> name>.py".
> What I had planned to do was write Win32 GUIs, but I would guess that
> most common users don't have Python installed.  Is there some way to
> write the program in C++ and then have it bring up the GUI written in
> Python without Python being installed?  Wouldn't that require the code
> being compiled into machine code?

there are various python extensions that allow you to 'package' your
python app so that a potential user doesn't have to have python
installed to use your app.  check out:

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