Off topic: What usenet news reader to use?

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Wed Apr 23 10:24:52 CEST 2003

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> I haven't used Usenet news for a long time. Now that I have subscribed
> to python-list I find that email does not scale well to the high volumne
> of discussion. Instead of deleting emails all day I think I should go
> back to Usenet news. Is there any good Windows news reader you would
> recommend. I'm happily using Opera as the browser. But it's
> revolutionary news and email reader eludes me. What are you using?

I use XNews in conjunction with Hamster.

XNews may be found at
Hamster may be found at

XNews is arguably one of the best online newsreaders available for Windows, 
but it doesn't work so well in offline mode (i.e. not connected to a news 
server), hence the reason why I use Hamster. Hamster is a local news/mail 
server, so I use it to provide XNews with what looks like a single newsfeed 
although it contains newsgroups from several different news servers, and 
also mailing lists converted into local newsgroups.

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