pyshout: make fails

Florian Konnertz florian.konnertz at
Wed Apr 30 15:26:10 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I tried to install pyshout, it is needed for the ZRFP Zope product, an 
mp3 admin-, stream-, voting tool.

The README tells me:
To compile, copy the from your Python installation and type
make -f boot

When i do this i get:
root at grooveway:/usr/src/pyshout-0.0.6# make -f boot
make: *** No rule to make target `boot'.  Stop.

I tried also with other makefiles:
and with different targets (boot, install, etc.)

Unfortunately I'm not familiar yet with make etc. so i have no idea how
and where to get the correct makefile and how to adjust it.
I hope you can give me some tips about make, how to install C modules 
for python, etc.
Or has anybody already concrete experience with pyshout? Please report 
asap! - Google finds only very few resources about it..

TIA for your help!


Florian Konnertz   ---
ZWiki about all topics, especially consciousness research
and wisdom traditions

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