inheriting variables

Haran Shivanan hs2l2ATyahoodotcom at
Fri Apr 18 19:15:28 CEST 2003

module "Michele Simionato" core dumped with the following output:
> Haran Shivanan <hs2l2ATyahoodotcom at> wrote in message news:<b7nttn$2p743$3 at>...
>> module "Alex Martelli" core dumped with the following output:
>> [snipped informative stuff]
>> > 
>> > This prints 11, as apparently required by your specs.  I hope
>> > this can help you make the custom metaclass you need to
>> > implement your actual, exact specifications, of course.
>> Thanks *a lot* for your help.
>> Do you know of any on-line resources where I can get info
>> on metaclasses and using them?
>> I was only dimly aware of their presence until your post.
>> Thanks.
> Alex didn't want to mention it, but his "Python in a Nushell" contains a
> discussion of metaclasses and the metametaBunch example (plus many other
> interesting things not necessarely related to metaclasses ...)
> Good luck,
Damn. Didn't realize he wrote the book.
The campus store doesn't carry any python books so I'm not even aware of what 
they are like.
Should try and get a copy of it.

Thanks for the heads-up.
>                     Michele

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