Random web page?

Anton Vredegoor anton at vredegoor.doge.nl
Fri Apr 18 11:22:21 CEST 2003

Roel Schroeven <j4nff5m02 at sneakemail.com> wrote:

>> But why do the DNS-lookup if it's possible to load a page using an ip?
>Because not all websites can be reached that way, due to virtual 
>hosting. Take my website for example (don't look at it, it's really not 
>interesting :) ). http://roelschroeven.net gives a normal webpage, while 
> (which is the ip-address for that domain) gives a 
>generic page (in this case something that shouldn't really be there IMHO).

Thanks a lot for pointing this out. I did the following test to
corroborate your explanation:

>>> socket.gethostbyaddr("")
('kontiki.ion-web.com', [], [''])
>>> socket.gethostbyname("roelschroeven.net")
>>> socket.gethostbyname("kontiki.ion-web.com")                   

This is quite perplexing. My view of the internet is that it is like
a phonebook where it is possible to link each name to a number. I
forgot that sometimes a lot of people are living on the same address!
Also thanks to Terry for bringing this up, although it took another
post to make me understand what was meant. I guess I am back to the
drawing board now :-|


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