python 2.3a2 Win32 expected failures in regression tests?

Raymond Hettinger vze4rx4y at
Wed Apr 9 22:02:56 CEST 2003

> When running the regression tests, the following 3 fail:
> test_tarfile, test_timeout, test_zipimport
> (test_zip passes)
> All in all, I have 201 tests that pass, but those 3 fail.
> I wonder if this is normal state of the affairs for Python 2.3a2 on
> win32, or something in my build that does not click.

Two of those may fail if bz2 compression extensions haven't
been built.  Try importing bz2 to see if that is the problem.

I also have sporadic failures on test_timeout.
It seems to occur when I run the tests in background
but runs fine when all the system resources are free.

Raymond Hettinger

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