*Newbie Question* --> Is it viable to distribute Python apps over the Internet?

Denis Agar canrocks at yahoo.ca
Mon Apr 21 19:14:39 CEST 2003

Hi, I'm extremely new to python. I've spent the majority of my waking
hours this easter reseaching Python GUIs, compilers, and the language
in general. It's been arduous trying to piece together knowledge from
different places but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. A little about
me: My only other (major) experience with programming was a semester
of Visual Basic in school. I really wanted to get away from the
hodgepodge of bad vibes coming from Microsoft, and was suggested
almost unanimously Python by a forum (http://www.shareaza.com/forum)

I'm blabbering! Anyway, my problem is this. I tried to compile a
simple Hello World program into something runnable on non-python
computers, and it came out being 7MB in size. Is there something I'm
doing wrong? Just so you know, I do know somewhat what I'm doing. I
know that it's incorporating all of the GUI. So is there a way to not
incoporate all of the gui, and still have a functional program? I'm
thinkin in the 800k range for a simple program? The reason I ask is
because I'm thinking of porting something I made in VB to Python
before I develop it any further.

PS: The program is 92k in Visual Basic.

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