nntplib, huge xover object

David Sfiligoi webmaster at quanta1.world--vr.com
Wed Apr 2 06:52:52 CEST 2003


I built a small script that use the xover function in the nntplib module.   
The problem that I came across is that what xover can return a huge tuple 
when there is 1000s of article in a newsgroup(which is frequent)

testxover_resp,testxover_subs = s.xover(start,end)

On my system it's not an issue I have 768 Mb of RAM.... but I have to 
believe that there is a way to optimise this while keeping all this simple.

How can I limit the amount of memory xover would take. the other I did an 
xover of a huge group and the python process was taking about 650Mb Res. 

Then I go on .and put  the articlenumbers and subjects into a massive 
dictionary which I agree it's not  a very inteligent way to do this...but 
right now it works, I will later get rid of this huge dictonary and replace 
it with something more memory efficient.

maybe somebody can teach me a technique in python to deal with object that 
may take lots of memory? Maybe I can just put the tuple returned by xover 
into a file(I don't have a clue how)?


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